Amazing facts about India, that will suprise you (Part 1)

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During the travels in India, you will see interesting and unusual things — something impressed more, something less. Here we present the facts about India (mainly about the south and east).

1. As a «yes» gesture (instead of a nod with a head like ours), the Indians shake their head to the side, like our «ah-ah-ah. And, when meeting, they often start talking their heads from side to side, very funny))

2. There is a close friendship among men, to such an extent that you can often meet them here, going holding hands or hugging. You will be initially surprised, but that it just such a friendship, without sexual overtones.

3. Indian cuisine, especially southern, is very spicy, with lots of spices. Requests «no spicy», «no chilly» rarely lead to the expected result, despite the hard nods of the waiter’s head. There is a certain set of dishes, initially not very spicy — they can be eaten with the complete rejection of spicy food.

4. In most cases, the word Hotel is used to designate a place to eat. The majority of hotels are called Lodge, but some, especially large ones, also use Hotel in the name.

5. The most common fruits are papayas, pineapples, tangerines and bananas, and the latter are a huge number of varieties — large and small, thick and thin, yellow, red and green. Often also apples are sold , but incredibly expensive.

6. Many products have MRP (maximum retail price) marking — the maximum retail price at which this product can be sold. This is especially noticeable in bottled water, which is sold at every corner and costs almost 15 rupees everywhere for 1 liter both in stores and in cafes.

7. In many small local restaurants there is no menu — people come, order dishes they have known for a long time and met many people, get friends and talk with strangers very long.

8. Food for different meals are usually clearly divided into breakfast (up to 11), lunch (from 12 to 15) and dinner (from 19 to 21). The time, however, is rather conditional and can vary, but ordering something from the breakfast menu during the day, and dinner most often does not work out during the day. Moreover, from 15 to 18-19 part of the cafes are generally closed.

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