Amazing facts about India, that will surprise you (Part 2)

1. The most common meal among not very wealthy residents is “meals”: ​​a mountain of rice, usually on a banana leaf (very convenient, free disposable dishes, and even more beneficial in recycling) with several sauces and spices in bowls. Meals is more popular in the south of India.

2. Tips in cafes are usually left at the request of 3-10%, but most often it is 10-20 rupees.

3. Alcohol is not available for sale. You can only buy in specially designated areas. In most cafes, it is also not officially (sometimes sold «from under the floor»), there is only in restaurants.

4. Staff in guesthouses and cafes, especially inexpensive ones, are rarely friendly. They are not aggressive, but they talk as if they have this work in their livers, perhaps it is. And the locals are often very smiling and friendly.

5. There is no central hot water supply anywhere. In the cheapest guesthouses there is no hot water in principle, some bring it in the tank in the morning (sometimes for extra money), there are boilers in the more advanced ones.

6. Indians do not use toilet paper, instead a small shower is located in advanced places near the toilet, and in simpler places there is a tap with water and a dipper.

7. Hindu temples begin to work at 5 am and this, as a rule, is accompanied by a loud howl (prayer) into the microphone to the whole district, huge speakers are exposed to the street. It is especially fun if such a temple turns out to be under the guesthouse windows.

8. Most Hindus are very pious, believers. There are queues everywhere in temples, there are many pilgrims everywhere and, as a result, the business of selling offerings is widely developed — as a rule, it is a collection of flowers and fruits (bananas, coconuts). Some even have a small prayer room with an altar and deities at home.

9. In most Hindu temples or in their separate prayer parts, only Hindus (Hindu) are allowed to enter, while the Indian priest can bless the Europeans (put a dot on his forehead, wash with holy water), just to pay the money.

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