Amazing facts about India, that will surprise you (Part 3)

1. Apparently due to the hot weather, most people get up here at 5-6 in the morning. So at 7 am, the usual weekday, you will see crowds on the beach — local people played football, volleyball and just sat in groups or walked, the same thing in the evening — after 5 hours.

2. The Indians for the most part do not like to swim in the sea, prefer lakes with fresh water and without waves. Women never swim at all, at least in public.

3. Often local people, mostly young people, from non-tourist areas will ask to take pictures with you. Children simply say hello and wave their hands or ask them to take a picture. The aged people also willingly pose in front of the cameras, and then with innocent eyes ask for money.

4. The most common clothing among women is a sari, young men wear jeans and T-shirts, and the older generation often prefers lungi — a rag wrapped around the legs wound over a naked body.

5. Prices for visits to various parks, palaces, nature reserves are often different for local and foreign tourists by 10 and sometimes 15 times, for example, 10 and 150 rupees.

6. Yoga and Ayurveda are two big myths about India. In world, many people believe that in India, all Indians do yoga by all means and are treated by Ayurveda, but both are more common outside of India, and even here it is popular mainly among tourists.

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