How to communicate in India

People living in this wonderful country are always very sociable and friendly, their open smiles will meet you everywhere. Therefore, the level of communication with the local population will depend more on you, — as you relate to the surrounding space, so it will apply to you. Now there are many simple types of communication, like online chats, in which you can talk and date an interesting person.

The state languages in India are English and Hindi, although, besides them, another 17 official languages are used in the states, as well as 844 dialects. Sanskrit is not one of them. This ancient language had a great influence on the formation of languages in India, in particular, on Pali and Prakrit, it was on them that all ancient and medieval literature was written. In online chats and social sites people often talk with each other in English.

Hindi has incorporated two concepts — it is a modern literary language, as well as collective terms for about 20 related languages. Hindi belongs to the Indo-Aryan language group. If you want to shine in front of an Indian and get his special location, try to learn a few words in Hindi. If in online chats and websites you will write in Hindi all attention will be in you and many people will want to talk with you and then meet you.

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