In which languages you can talk and chat in India

English is the second official language in India. In all major cities, newspapers, menus in restaurants, phone books, road signs and social networks are written in English. Do not be surprised if some Indians speak it much better than you. In educated circles, English is used as freely and often as Hindi. But «Indian» English is somewhat different from «British» or «American» English. Therefore, do not worry too much about your bad pronunciation, lack of articles or conjugations in speech or insufficient vocabulary — they will understand you anyway. Learn a few basic phrases you need to travel, to talk and meet people and feel free to use them.

If it is difficult to learn phrases, simply copy them on a piece of paper or in a notebook and show or write the right phrase at the right time.

In southern India, where the educational level is markedly higher than in the north, the languages other than Hindi and English are Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam. Therefore, the southern intelligentsia usually speaks three languages: native, Hindi and English. For minimal communication and dating in India, the level of school English is sufficient.

Be confident and feel free to express your desires. Sometimes, before you speak or write in online chat, it is better to listen to yourself, to try to want to be understood, to become open and receptive, and then the right words, intonations and gestures will definitely come themselves. Do not be afraid to communicate, be friendly, and you will definitely understand!

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