Things that enrage us in online chats of Pakistan

We have no doubt that you are already aware of all the benefits of an online consultant on the site, but we still remind you. This is a great way to take care of a customer, solve his problems and learn more about him. However, troubles happen — sometimes the chat window brings more problems than it solves them, and it should not be so.
Today we will tell about the most annoying in the work of online chat, so that you do not repeat these mistakes and please your customers.

Your obedient servant selflessly wandered through the expanses of the Internet, chatted with consultants in online chat rooms and collected for you all the worst that met there. Grandma mode on the bench is on!
Under the gun were online flower shops. No, not only because the holidays are around the corner.
Each consultant received a request to help with the choice of a bouquet of two options.

And here are the mistakes that upset the author of the article as a client:
Long wait for a response or lack of it
If you make a client wait too long, he will most likely prefer to give money to someone more prompt. If the client’s question is ignored, you know how bitterly disappointed he will be.

How to solve: answer questions, please. We understand that operators cannot answer all questions instantly — set up an auto answer that will show the client that your chat is alive and that someone will definitely help the client with his problem in the near future.
And you can still be generous and start paying another operator so that the support service can handle all the issues on time.

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