Online chat in Pakistan

What is Pakistani «online chat» and how to use it
For most users, the answer to the question, what is chat is not difficult. Chat, translated from English, means “chatting,” but then you can chat on the phone, when meeting friends, and even talking to the seller in the store. On the Internet space, chat means a slightly different process — it is an instant messaging online between two people or a group of interlocutors.
The main difference is that communication takes place in real time, that is, almost without delay. For quick communication, use various applications, programs on the desktop or mobile gadget. In this article we will tell you what chat is, what kinds they are, how to use them and create.

Chats can be divided according to two main criteria — the type and degree of anonymity. Let’s take a closer look at each parameter:
Network programs. The first options appeared in the 90s of the XX century. These are small applications that look like forums and provide an opportunity for real-time communication between participants. The delay of a few seconds 20 years ago seemed quite tolerable, as was the need to periodically update the tape with messages. Communication is carried out using text that is entered into a special field. All messages appear in the preview window. Participants are usually displayed in the sidebar on the right or left.

Voice messages. These are the types of chats that offer multichannel voice messaging between interlocutors. To communicate, you need a microphone and speakers (headphones). This format is used in online games, for webinars, conferences.

Video chat. After the advent of data streaming technology, a video format was connected to voice and text chat. For this communication, you need a webcam.
Private, shared, anonymous — all of these options control access to communication. In the first case, the circle of participants is limited, and their number and privacy is set in the settings of the conversation. General chat rooms provide free access to everyone after registration. Anonymous chatters are a rarity — these are platforms for communication that do not require authorization.

What used to be a separate view has become an option in a modern client program or messenger. Applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, and a number of others offer participants text, voice, and video communication, various privacy settings, and more.

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