Dating experience in social networks and online chats in India

Last week, I read, as one young lady with a bunch of virtues cannot get to know a standing man. Well, and those like the girl «clever and beautiful,» can not find a man on the internet no less than theses on cancer treatment. Yes, and from the men read this more than once.
There was free time, I decided to share my own observations about the problem of dating with the opposite gender. And I decided to share my experience about online chats and dating in India.
About me — I’m 38 years old. I work on the kind of good work. For our region in general. Nothing special — office plankton. Not very small, but still plankton.

I follow myself, I struggle with excess weight — I go to two sports halls. In the gym, well, and so, I remember the achievements of sports youth (not because I am such a HUD, just nothing to do in the evenings).
Recently, I do not plump from the word at all. Another reason to take time in the gym.
Divorced in 2013. In principle, I was out on my own, so I want stability and am I looking for, as though it may sound trite, serious relations.

And where to look? At work, everything was already a mess and calmed down (joke) the team had long been formed. In clubs and pubs somehow dumb, and no one is interesting.
It remains the same Internet with the most famous sites, social networks and online chats.

But the paradox is that there are not very many girls, «good ladies and beauties» who are looking for a serious relationship. At least I though had a chance to see a sufficient number of girls. Sometimes you just ask yourself — why ?? Why does she do that? ..
I classified several types of such girls.
1. A girl is not a girl.
There are 50/50.
This means that in the photo on the social networks you see one, and in a cafe comes to the meeting … a little different.

omes at least a kilogram of 15 more than in the pictures. Yes, what is there, a specific Babe comes ..
Since I am an educated person (in some places), I cannot directly ask then. And immediately run away is also somehow not like a man. You have to ask carefully — «Baby, and what are you somehow a little different from the pictures.» What an absolutely imperturbable response should be — “A, I gained a couple of kilograms after the New Year (Hanukkah, Karban-Bairam, First of May) and I didn’t have time to change this photo” ..
A couple of kilograms! But not after the New Year, these «couple of kilograms» live with you for a long time. What to do, you have to endure until the end of the meeting.

In other cases, a young lady comes 10 years older than the picture.
You talk like that on the internet with a ringing 37-year-old girl, and an aunt comes to the meeting, which is actually 44! And that, in her words.
Same thing — something different from the pictures?
— Yes, nothing scary. I registered for a long time, but I did not change the photo.
Nothing wrong…
And the most unpleasant thing is that these “age-old” ladies usually begin to sound strange during intercourse — they giggle, mumble, roll their eyes …
In general, what happens is what they do, and I am ashamed.

What is happening in their heads is not clear. Maybe they want to show how they are not related to their age? Maybe.
Here I am wondering what motivates such girls, who expose their photos, knowing full well that they are completely different?
In order to make the first acquaintance, and then the type is easier? I do not know. Personally, my desire to communicate disappears when I see this state of affairs.
The important point: I have absolutely nothing against women in the body or age.

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